Prakhyata Abhinand Charitable Trust (PACT), India, a non-governmental organization, strives to support orphaned, abandoned, or surrendered (OAS) children with special needs (CwSN) through customised child-centric sensitization, capacity building, and rehabilitation programs.

Being orphaned, abandoned, or surrendered at any age is traumatic and life-changing. To also be a child with special needs, impaired with a physical, verbal, visual or mental challenge, makes it worse. Without the right care and rehabilitation, the unique capabilities of CwSN remain undeveloped. As a result, they lose even the basic opportunities available to other children in Child Care Institutes (CCI).

An unfortunate consequence of this is the abysmally low adoption rate of OAS CwSN. As per 2011 data, the adoption rate of CwSN in India was below 0.4%.