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PACT as an organization was modelled on a self-generating revenue framework. Support and rehabilitation services were planned and also provided to children who are orphaned, abandoned, and surrendered with special needs right from its inception.

The unprecedented COVID19 outbreak has pushed the brakes on PACT’s work and plans to self-generate revenue. Furthermore, there was a dire need for relief in the areas where PACT was operating.

We raised funds of ₹3.38 lakhs to sustain our operations from April to June 2020, to offer financial support to continue essential services to the two CCIs for 3 months, and offer 3 meals to 50 persons on the streets for at least 1 month.

As soon as the lockdown was announced, PACT’s team did a recce of nearby areas to identify people that would be worst affected.

We quickly collaborated with local communities (apartment associations, alumni groups, and individuals), volunteers and other urban stakeholders to reach the most ignored communities such as:

  • stranded migrant workers in slums and on the streets,
  • persons with disability, and
  • OAS children in the child care homes and institutes and adoption agencies in our network.

We helped over 1000+ people by delivering:

  • 200+ dry ration kits,
  • 1500+ meals,
  • 550+ litres of milk under nutrition program,
  • 45+ counselling support sessions for people in stress, and
  • 150+ sessions of rehabilitation.

PROJECT STATUS: Continuing with 13 CCIs,1 foster care home & hundreds of migrant workers.