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Priya Joseph, Founder & Trustee, Adhyan

“Being orphaned, abandoned, and surrendered (OAS), is traumatic and life-changing for a child. If, in addition to this, the child is impaired with physical, communication, and visual or mental challenges i.e. a Child with Special Needs (CwSN), the negative effect will be severe. Without access to care and rehabilitation, the unique abilities of a CwSN often go unnoticed and are not further developed. PACT is doing a commendable job in training caregivers and creating subject matter experts to cater to the needs of OAS and CwSN children. Adhyan has been associated with PACT for several months now and we are happy to see the effort and genuine interest of Reuban and his team in providing better care for such underprivileged children. Adhyan wishes the team a bright and prosperous future.”

Pallavi Akurathi (IAS), Director, KSICPS

“ROOTS is an innovative initiative taken up by GoK in association with PACT India to ensure that all special needs children will also get family care and protection through legal adoption. ROOTS program is very helpful to give a supporting hand to the caregivers to do their best to nurture the special needs children. It is also very useful to convert the SAAs to be completely special needs children-friendly in terms of infrastructure too. On the whole ROOTS Program leaves no stone unturned to achieve a happy family life to all the CNCP Special need children who are the most vulnerable in our society. ROOTS program must try to reach n serve all the CNCP special need children soon. Best wishes to the entire ROOTS team.”

Satyajeet Mazumdar, Head – Advocacy, Catalysts for Social Action

“PACT India is doing stellar work in a niche field in which there are hardly any other organisations, but the need is immense. It is an unfortunate reality of India that most children with disabilities who are orphaned, abandoned, or surrendered spend their entire childhood in a child care institution (CCI). CCIs are usually ill-equipped to cater to the special needs of such children and need external support which is difficult to find. Interventions by PACT India in this field is surely going to help CCIs be better equipped to care for orphan, abandoned and surrendered children with special needs. The scope of work, however, is much beyond children in institutional care. I am sure that through its different programs, PACT India will be able to improves lives of children with special needs in India. Having interacted with Reuban over the last couple of years, I am inspired by his passion towards this work and everything the organization has been able to achieve in a short period of time. My congratulations for achievement of this year and best wishes for the year to come.”

Jemy Jacob, IIM Bangalore

“PACT India was part of the pre-incubation cohort at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. They actively engaged in the workshops, mentoring sessions and reviews. PACT utilized this opportunity to engage and collaborate with their peers and showed significant improvement in communication, pitch deck, etc., post the completion of the program.”

Sarmishta Venkatesh, Advisory board member

“In the last two years, PACT has gained momentum with Specialised adoption agencies, grown its staff, entered several train-the-trainer programs with various CCIs, brought in sponsors, mentors, and champions for its cause – all during some of the darkest times of our generation. But PACT’s vision goes beyond these programs and partners. PACT’s vision is a seed, small enough that anyone can desire it, and anyone can sow it. PACT is about the lone little child left alone without a mommy or a daddy, wobbling and working his way through a hardened system favouring perfect, spotless people. PACT is about playing our God-give role to help this lone child feel no lonelier, feel no more incapable, and give him every opportunity to thrive and make this world his home. PACT is a covenant to love, shape and honour these children and become the village that cares for them when mommy and daddy can’t. And PACT is also becoming the mommy or daddy for one such wonderful child. I pray that you join us in this movement to ensure no child is alone anymore.”

Aadhika, Superintendent, Govt. Special Adoption Agency

“ROOTS is a well-structured program by PACT that really make a difference and spreads cheer in the lives of orphaned and abandoned special needs children. On 6 Nov, Mr Reuben Daniel, co-founder of PACT and lead of OAS rehab and training program, delivered a session that helped us learn new nomenclature such as disability, deformity, developmental milestones, and categories of disabilities. We understood the care and nurturance of special children. The physiotherapy demo helped our caregivers practice as required. They gave a well-equipped kit to deliver the needed care. The programme helps to improve our understanding of special children, as well as early identification and intervention to reduce the impact of disabilities among our children.”

Christy Abraham, Independent Consultant, Volunteer at PACT India

“It gives me immense pleasure to watch the growth of PACT India over the last year. It has been a leap from an idea in March 2020 to an established programme in 2021. The programme which works to rehabilitate a diverse set of people, who are excluded from society, closed in institutions is marvellous. The abandoned, orphaned surrendered child, the elderly, and the woman with mental illness, all find a haven in PACTs tending care.

Congratulations to PACT’s team for the passionate work to ensure inclusion is a reality. My best wishes to the team for growth with quality care. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to work with you.”

DR Molly Abraham, Liza's Home
Dr Molly Abraham, Lisa’s Home
Dr S K, Lisa’s Home

“We have become regular and more systematic in providing physiotherapy to our members. PACT has helped us connect to other NGOs and individuals through whom we have received medicines and equipment for physiotherapy. PACT has improved the quality of living in our home. We are indeed thankful to PACT.”

“In a short interaction, we could appreciate your enthusiasm, hospitality, and effort to do the best for us. Moreover, your love and concern for the poor and the marginalized stood out. We are impressed with the hard work and patience in your service. Thanks a lot for everything we have received from your NGO.”

Infant Jesus Children’s Home