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Chetan Khosla
Governing board member

Chetan Khosla, recently appointed to the Board of PACT India, has been working with the organization in an advisory capacity for the past five months. He is excited about the transformative impact PACT India can make for Orphaned, Abandoned, and Surrendered Children in India.

With over 13 years of experience in building successful businesses and brands, Chetan’s expertise spans several areas:

  • Manufacturing specialty electronic systems for AeroSpace & Defence and niche Industrial applications
  • Software & Managed Service solutions for operations management and customer service quality improvement
  • Software solutions for the Automotive Retail Industry
  • Business Process Management Services for Supply Chain Management and Accounting & Finance
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence

In the past four years, Chetan has also been active in the social sector through his company, Asteya, developing innovative product and service solutions to enhance the capabilities of NGOs.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and investor, Chetan was a quality management professional with a successful track record in manufacturing, contact centers, and consulting. He has worked with prominent companies such as Timex Watches Ltd, LG Electronics, American Express, Accenture, QAI Global, and Aegis.With over 30 years of experience in innovation, re-engineering, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, workforce management, COPC, and advanced forecasting techniques, Chetan is passionate about contributing to PACT India’s mission.