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An accessible home is usually a low priority in a developing country. But, for a wheelchair user or any person with a disability/special needs, it’s an essential factor to have one. A big house or small, they need to access it without any barrier.

Our team works in identifying an accessible need for any person with a special need, old aged people, or any organization that wish to have an inclusive environment. Our team of experts helps to design and deliver a barrier-free space for their needs. Currently, our focus is on home accessibility as one of our projects with a “mission 50” goal. This would cater to serve 50 OAS children’s homes, adoption agencies, etc to create an inclusive ecosystem.

We have in house professional experts who has over 15 years experience and .They have proven implementation results by creating accessible environments in international airports,schools,public malls,bus stations, and office spaces.

PACT INDIA’s accessibility team will keep working to modify adopted child’s homes in urban or rural areas or the care homes that suit the user and thus we would create a barrier-free user-friendly environment. We are just a phone call away to understand your needs. Call us @ +91-8553776509 or write to us: info@pactindia.org


Project Status: 12 CCI’s identified, 5 CCI’s sensitized . 2 CCI’s implementation underway , 1 home of a child who was adopted had been designed accessible