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PACT is honored to be associated with Amar Seva Sangam, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities and fostering their integration into society. Established in 1981 by Sri S. Ramakrishnan, a spinal injured individual, and later joined by CA S. Sankara Raman in 1992, the organization strives to create an inclusive environment through rehabilitation services, policy advocacy, and rights promotion.

Amar Seva Sangam’s mission extends to the establishment of the ‘Valley for the Disabled,’ a Rehabilitation and Development Centre. By encouraging self-help initiatives and societal integration, they aim to enhance living conditions for disabled individuals in villages.

PACT’s journey with Amar Seva Sangam began with the introduction of the Enabling Inclusion® app, a technology-enabled child rehabilitation solution designed and licensed by the organization. This innovative app facilitates early intervention services for children with disabilities, allowing community rehabilitation workers to collaborate with professionals.

The app’s impact is evident in its ability to provide individualized, evidence-based treatment plans and track a child’s progress, significantly influencing children and empowering their parents. Recognizing its potential, PACT has chosen to implement the Enabling Inclusion App to offer comprehensive support for children with special needs.

The app covers a spectrum of interventions, from screening and identifying children with disabilities to specialized assessments in special education, psychiatric needs, environmental assessments, speech and hearing assessments, occupational therapy, functional abilities, and physiotherapy. The comprehensive approach includes licensed and authenticated assessments, enabling the creation of detailed plans for each child.

After a successful two-month trial, PACT opted for the comprehensive multidisciplinary version of the app. Training sessions, both online and offline, were conducted to ensure proficiency in utilizing the app. The offline training, held at the Amar Seva Sangam Campus in Tenkasi, provided an in-depth understanding of the app’s benefits.

During the three-day training in January, PACT not only gained insights into the app’s efficiency but also discovered profound lessons in humility, compassion, and kindness from the remarkable members of the sangam. The experience left PACT astounded, not just by the app’s capabilities but also by the sangam’s disciplined and grounded approach.

PACT expresses gratitude to Amar Seva Sangam for the enlightening experience and transformative partnership. The journey has not only enhanced the quality of services for children with special needs but has also imparted invaluable lessons on responsibility, respect, and the profound significance of traditions and culture. Thank you, Amar Seva Sangam, for the incredible journey of growth and learning.

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